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Risus in Spaaaaaaaaace!


RSS Ramirez: The Crew
The Good Book of Aliens
The Good Book of Aliens

A Beastiary of Sorts


These critters make excellent femme fatales. They can polymorph at will, and their telepathy ennables them to know exactly which buttons to push, and how hard.

They also make good spies, guards, polititions, salesmen...

Assume Pleasing Form(5)
Assume Scary Form(5)
Steal Mental Secrets(3)
Win Mind Games(3)


The Rathlwan are a disgustingly cute race from the planet Lwan. They engage in outcuting other species they encounter, and then defeating them in the greatly feared Combat Commerce, an artistic and ritualized form of aggression they have perfected over the millenia.

A standard Rathlwan has the following cliches:
Unbearably Cute(3)
Nose for the Buck(4)
Stubborn Salesman(1)


The Salar are giant purple space squids that attache themselves to the hulls of star faring vessels and suck them to pieces. They eat anything inanimate, although they seem to prefer inanimate objects of metal built by intelligent races.

A typical Salar can be anywhere from one meter in length to 15 meters.

How they exist in the cold depths of space is a mystery to everyone, although it is indisputeed that they do. It is a laughable and rare occurence for a space ship to brave the wilds of space without Salar repellers, which are quite commonly sold by peddlers and space stations alike.

Average cliches are:
Disgusting tentacles(4)
Eat Inanimate Objects(3)
Squirt Oozing Slime(3)
Find and Stick to Metal Ships(4)


Nobody really knows where these guys come from. Some large planet somewhere is everybody's guess.

Big Meanie(4)
Furry Save(3)
Nasty Debilitating breath(3)
Always Hungry(2)
Many Legged Creature(3)