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Risus in Spaaaaaaaaace!
RSS Ramirez: The Crew
The Good Book of Aliens

Ever wonder what strange aliens exist above our heads going about their business?

Welcome to a look at the stars!

And what creeps around in them...

Its important to know that Risus is copyright 1999 S. John Ross.

There is all kinds of nifty and fun things on his site, I do reccommend it. And of course, Risus. :)

His site is here:

Sjohn fun!

What is not copyrighted by S John Ross is copyrighted by me, Elizabeth Rich, or its author as stated with the text. Such as the crew of the RSS Ramirez, and the continuing saga of its travels.

kug erec-ki-gal-la-ke
za-mi-zu dug-ga-am