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Risus in Spaaaaaaaaace!


RSS Ramirez: The Crew
The Good Book of Aliens
RSS Ramirez: The Crew

Zip up your space suits! Its the adventures of the RSS Ramirez's crew.

Captain Marshall "LoNgZoRd" Post

Tall, fairly rugged and handsome,
although thin and pale from lack of exercise and outdoors. (He burns easily when he marches at the protest cons.) Has a ponytail, an earring, and generally dresses in grunge type clothes (Burckenstocks, torn jeans, X-Files T-shirts.)

Vengeful Alien Abductee (3d8)
Paranoid Computer Geek (3)
Avid Vidgamer (2d8)
Enthusiastic T'ai Chi Student [1d10]


Tale: His contact with NASA consists mainly of his
posterior meeting the boots of Government Security at
the conclusion of his many (failed) infiltration
attempts. These attempts stem from his firm belief
that the truth is out there, and that NASA is
involved in a huge government cover up, and that the
world is about to fall prey to a deadly American
conspiracy with the Aliens. (Needless to say, this guy
watches a lot of X-Files.) However, in his case
there's some foundation for the belief, as he was
abducted during the Gulf War. (He was drafted by the
army as a computer tech when the conflict broke out.
[1]) In his spare time he plays D&D (which accounts
for his moniker), watches X-Files, and talks shop with
his buds (who all call him "Longie" or "Da Sword"). He
drinks a lot of Coke, and will talk your ear off about
T'ai Chi... if you stand still long enough. Oh yeah,
they also have LAN parties on Saturday nights, and
play whatever outrageously expensive gratuitously
violent game happens to be popular at the moment.

Rodney O'Flahigan

Brown hair and eyes. Pale complexion. Relaxed, he looks like a bear. Under stress or on his bike, he looks like an
infuriated bear whose honey has been stolen.

Rodney is of Irish descent and has kissed the Blarney stone: He will convince you the sun is blue if you aren't careful. Well, if you are, he'll tell you anyway.He owns a parrot called "Quibbler", who talks almost as much as Rod does. [The parrot sometimes does inpredictable things, so I've made him a double-pump cliche. Feed free to veto though.] Being employed as cook in the NASA canteen, Rodney has some degree of knowledge which spices go with which food. Not much, but he managed the get the job. Rodney's favourite pastime is riding his racing bicycle. He doens't mind racing across motorways. In fact, navigating in between cars and not getting killed is the main thrill for him.

Parrot owner [3]
Cook (2)
Storyteller (2)
Cyclist (2)

Hook: Adrenaline addict. Always gets himself into dangerous

Fongo Danielson

Fongo is a midget in his mid-thirties -- he's about
3'10", weighs about 95 lbs, and has short brown hair and blue eyes.

Midget Black Belt/Former Acrobat[3]
World-Renowned Criminologist(3)
Well-Connected Private Investigator(4)

Fongo is a very small man and easily recognizeable to both his numerous enemies (from former cases) and any new criminals that might be trying to outwit him.

Fongo used to be a circus acrobat (his real first name is William, but he was billed as "Fongo the Fantastic" and most people who knew him in the circus still call him that). He used the money he earned as a star performer (he began in his teens) to put himself through university, getting a doctorate in criminology. He also works as a
private investigator with his (large) brother Darth, a former sergeant with the NYPD. Much of their work is strange, with ties to possible supernatural or superscience events. Somehow Fongo always seems to run into friends, acquaintances, or just people who've heard of him and want to help him out.

This brave crew will bravely enter the depths of space, fight vast alien hoardes and menaces, learn the true art of Combat Commerce, and perhaps return home with an unrecognizable ship.

WHo knows? The adventure is just beginning....